What I’m Writing




Untitled Mystery Series: (pinterest page)
Summary: Meg McGill is a former NYPD cop suffering from PTSD and severe Agoraphobia. When Sebastian comes into her life she finds the one thing she needs the most threatened. Her Home.
Status: Currently in plotting/outlining phase. Planning to write first draft in November for Nanowrimo 2017.
Word Count: 0

Running Away: (pinterest page)



Summary: Clarke lost his wife shortly after the birth of their daughter, Gina. He struggles to raise her on his own with the help of his younger brother Zack and his sister in law Natalie, when Zack brings a new woman into their lives to take care of Gina and her secrets change everything.
Status: First draft mostly written, starting on second draft.
Word Count: 101,892
Sequels: 2 with first drafts, 2 others planned








The Middle Ground: (pinterest page) (read here) (or here)
Summary: When McGee finds a little girl at a crime scene she imprints on him like a baby duck.
Fandom: NCIS
Status: Chapters 1-15 posted. 40k additional words written during Nanowrimo 2016 to be edited and posted. Can start posting new chapters as soon as I figure out the big clue to be found in Chapter 16.
Word Count: 108,304

The Other Guy in the Woods: (pinterest page) (read here) (or here)
Summary: Bruce Banner is recovering from what Wanda did to him. But his little cabin in upstate Maine isn’t as isolated as he’d thought.
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Status: In progress. Prologue and first chapter posted.
Word Count: 20k-ish? Scrivener is mad at this project.

Not Broken, Just Bent: (pinterest page) (read here) (or here)
Summary: It had been exactly twenty-one days since Mikel Mawher almost killed Timothy McGee.
Fandom: NCIS
Status: First draft complete. Chapters 1 and 2 posted. Rest needs major revisions.
Word Count: 51,939